Our Team

  • Stephen Hunt
    Stephen Hunt
    Co-Founder, CEO
  • Gavin Tan
    Gavin Tan
  • Ben Taylor-Robinson
    Ben Taylor-Robinson
    Director, Operations
  • Patrick O’Regan
    Patrick O’Regan
    Director, Head of Research
  • Kamariah Hashim
    Kamariah Hashim
    Director, Head of Trading
  • Mita Kukreja
    Mita Kukreja
    Director, Private Wealth Management
  • Subhashini Gurumurty
    Subhashini Gurumurty
    Associate Director, Research
  • Fraser Anderson
    Fraser Anderson
    Research Associate
  • Shanmugah Nagaraju
    Shanmugah Nagaraju
    Associate Director, Operations
  • Alfred Chin
    Alfred Chin
    Senior Associate, Operations
  • Averyl Chen
    Averyl Chen
    Executive Assistant
  • Michelle Oh
    Michelle Oh
    Executive Assistant
  • John Ko
    John Ko
    Operations Associate
  • Indri Tjahjahadiseptura
    Indri Tjahjahadiseptura