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We are your family's CIO, CFO, Risk Officers, Trustees, Directors and more.

who we are

A collection of single-family offices

Aglaia is independent. We are your family’s CIO, CFO, Risk Officers, Trustees, Directors and more.

Our core values of simplicity and transparency are key to Aglaia’s Family Office Services. Our integrity and experience, combined with an investment approach designed to enhance your family’s goals and aspirations, creates a strong and lasting relationship. 

At all stages, our team provides a thorough examination of your family’s needs. By understanding and aligning our objectives with those of your family we aim to assist our clients in maximising returns whilst minimising risk and reducing cost.

We adopt an endowment approach to establishing a portfolio that will preserve and grow capital through generations. We consider all asset classes, and are not constrained by geography. We will chair the family investment committee and ensure that assets and investments follow the guidelines laid down at the start of our relationship. We begin by performing a complete evaluation of your family’s assets, and use this to establish appropriate structures, provide cash flow planning, and implement new investment ideas. We then move on to the monitoring phase where we ensure complete compliance with your family’s mandate.

Aglaia family office

Our Services

Investment Process

A diversified and balanced portfolio is the key to reducing risk

Risk Management

Aglaia is not paid commission, and does not accept indirect payments, from investment managers as incentives to buy and sell their products for our Family Office clients. Our clients will receive complete visibility on costs incurred and will receive full rebates for any retrocessions or fees that third party managers charge.


Consolidated Reporting


Our in-house portfolio management and reporting systems allow us to track and monitor your family’s assets in real time. We provide monthly consolidated reports, encompassing all your assets – from bank accounts to real estate, classic cars and more – which can be highly customized to show the information most useful to you and your needs.